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Table of Contents. Levels are inspired by The River Styx.

Bunny Reaper, Mobile Game for iOS

The platforms were inspired underwater coral. In these levels, the player must deal with increased platforming difficulty and more enemies.

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Levels 21 - 30 are inspired by technology. In these levels, players must navigate around moving platforms. Heartmonsters can also turn in these levels to bite the player from any direction. Levels are inspired by mushrooms! The player also encounters "vents" which shoot them into the air. This image shows an example of our "end of level" user interface showing the player how many bunnies and enemies they killed. As you might expect, it summons a ghostly scythe, dealing damage to enemies in a wide arc and restoring Essence.

Scythe weapons will be new in Rise of the Necromancer , but this ability works regardless of whether your character has a scythe weapon equipped or not. Curses are a Necromancer mechanic that apply debuffs to enemies, which allow for interesting synergy when playing with others. The flashiest and bloodiest new ability is Blood Nova.

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This AoE attack deals a bloody explosion to all surrounding enemies, but also utilizes your own health as a resource. Utilizing your health as a resource reminds me of Warlocks from the Warcraft universe, and is a mechanic that provides an extra level of unique strategy to Necromancers.

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This is another usage of corpses as an additional resource for Necromancers, similar to the Corpse Explosion ability discussed last BlizzCon. Foote and Berger discussed during our meeting that since corpses are not as important to other classes, the Diablo team worked to ensure only Necromancers would be able to see them on the screen. Our Necromancer was also equipped with Blood Rush , which allows the Necromancer to move through solid objects to reach a new nearby location. Every class needs some sort of movement ability in Diablo III: The type of Golem can be modified through Skill Runes.

During our demo, we had the Blood Golem Skill Rune equipped. This Golem can drain blood from enemies to deal damage and restore your health.

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