Lg phone battery keeps dying

  • 1. The screen brightness is set too high.
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  • Why Your Phone Dies When It Claims to Have Battery Left?
  • 2. Your phone is constantly searching for Wi-Fi networks!
  • Problems with booting, backlight bleed, fast charging, and more.
  • Solutions For LG V10 Battery Life Issues.

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The two flagship phones boast hole-punch cameras, fingerprint sensors embedded in the display, and beefier batteries.

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Android phone battery suffering? Here's a simple fix | ZDNet

Consistently choosing Wi-Fi over data can be great for your peace of mind and your monthly bill. Another common culprit behind poor battery life? Think about what your phone is doing all day.

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  • Workarounds:.
  • 16 Common LG G5 Problems and How to Fix Them | Digital Trends.
  • 9 Reasons Your Phone Battery Dies So Quickly.
  • Try advanced steps.

Battery drain Source: Mark Knapp. You can check out which of your apps are using the most battery power by opening the Settings app and navigating to Battery on either Android or iOS.

LG G4 Battery Drain / Overheating how to fix revisited 2018

If your battery is consistently giving up before the end of the day, you may want to take a look at your app habits Source: Similarly, constant use of tethering, streaming music or videos all day, or making phone calls while in the car are data-intensive activities that you may need to cut back on if you want your battery to last the day, and you should avoid watching videos, playing graphics-heavy games, or spending a lot of time with the camera when your battery is already running low. Camera apps use a lot of battery Source: