Majesty northern expansion mobile walkthrough

Thanks for your sharing. I feel boring of 40days survival mission.

Majesty: The Northern Expansion - Walkthrough/FAQ

All heros dare to fight the red dragon when they are level 1. I feel angry for the AI.

Do you all think there is a BUG? The El Kay Lurker. Jul 20, 1 0 5. So, I noticed the guide jumps from level one to level seven, what about the others? Im having trouble beating level four, the troll level. I just cant seem to keep the lairs up. Is there a trick or goal im missing? Also, when playing this level if I load a saved game all my heros walk back to the castle and disappear and I have to buy new ones This is lame.

Tyalon Lurker. Jul 2, 5 1 6. I just beat Dragon Hazard on bloodthirsty without using a single wizard or having to revert to a single save point. The strategy I used was to get big fast, earn tons of money, and build enough Dwarven Towers to keep the dragons at bay while letting the undead kill them. Quick walk thru: Immediately build two Markets to the west and southwest of the castle, then a Warrior's guild to the north west of the castle, then an Elven Bungalow to the east of the castle.

Create a warrior or two to keep the market free of Harpies, Trolls, and Rats. The Elven Bungalow doubles all income from the marketplaces. It allowed me to quickly upgrade both markets to level III well before the first dragon arrived. After both markets had been upgraded to L3 and I had about gold, I retired the Elven castle and built a Dwarven fortress.

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I put the Dwarven Fortress to the east of the castle, where the Elves were. As soon as the Dwarven fortress was completed, I started building Dwarven Towers at the places the dragons initially attack, the south-east and and west. A grouping of two to three dwarven towers will quickly take down a single dragon.

Towers have to be very close to one another, so that any dragon attacking the furthest tower will be within range of nearby towers. Dwarven towers alone can keep the first small waves of dragons at bay, but it won't stop the huge waves. For that, you need something capable of killing dragons a short distance from the towers. Otherwise, the huge waves of dragons will eventually burn down the towers.

Wizards work, but wizards are a complete hassle as they are always getting themselves killed. The solution I found is the Necromancer and its undead hoards. Necromancers do die, especially 1st level ones, but not nearly so much a the aggravating Wizard. The Necromancer stays far enough from the dragons to avoid their fire and continually attacks it with hordes of undead. Dragons will eventually kill the undead, but the Necromancer just creates more at no cost.

Even better, dragon attacks don't seem to do a lot of damage to the undead. I built 2 Temples of Crypta to the north and north east of the castle, then slowly upgraded both all the way to level 3. Getting them to level 3 requires upgrading the castle to level 3. All the while, I continued to build a ring of dwarven towers mostly surrounding the city of buildings. Again, putting a few extra towers in the places the dragons tended to attack.

Seems to work out solid on my Nexus 7, thanks for making a mobile version of Majesty!

Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom walkthrough

I would have liked to see my smile when I started this for the first time and saw Paradox logo there I really would like to see some serious strategy games on Android, any plans on new titles? Letar , Jan 16, Thank you It's a great pleasure to read that you like our game We do have plans on new strategies. World War II: New levels - new challenges! The Northern Expansion iOS is now equipped with 2 new levels! This time you'll have to battle a Tax Crisis and Overpopulation.

What will you do if a local dragon refuses to pay taxes for the last years or an immigrant kills your monsters? The Northern Expansion - the new story in the legendary indirect control strategy! Aug 1, Messages: I will probably buy it day one, because majesty is unique and so fun BUT Majesty 2 multiplayer no more available.

I try to play majesty 2 this morning and it say me: If its not done i will post on all forum that majesty and paradox games are unefficient on multiplayers , and i will say to everybody that its really a shame for your society.

Majesty: The Northern Expansion - Walkthrough/FAQ

Why you make other game if your old game just dont work? FIX it fast plz. Jul 5, Messages: He posted on numerous forums here, he means the PC game. Spiderman , Apr 16, The Northern Expansion! The Northern Expansion for iOS is updated with two new levels! Moreover, the game is just 99c now! Your Majesty.

What do you need help on?

Mishaps befall your kingdom! Gold is constantly going missing from your treasury and a famous warrior isrecruiting all interested men as disciples, breaking up their families and taking them into the backwoods. Now your mission is to exterminate the vampires to find the gold and to stop this moral decline on your lands. How can I win that level? Ask Question. Any hint how to approach this would be appreciated. Frank I now won - don't know how. I think I lost before not because the lairs were gone, but because the dwarves killed a building in my city. This I prevented instead and killed all dwarves and I won.

Can't confirm that the lairs were not important though.