Add photos to ios 5 simulator

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Simulator User Guide

Fear not, for this is a common problem due Skip to content. Post Views: If not, it would certainly be worth filing a radar for at bugreport. JeremyHuddlestonSequoia, It doesn't preserve the original metadata of the assets.

XCode 6 and beyond

Please have a look at my project that helps you import your assets while preserving all the metadata Including videos! Since Xcode 6 you can use the command line tool xcrun simctl. Airsource Ltd 24k 13 64 I was hoping there would be a solution to add images without running i. Its simple. Just follow these steps: Drag and drop image onto Simulator Now image opens into Safari browser file: Tap-and-hold on the Image. Save the image.

Differences Testing in Simulator

The image gets added into Library. Jayprakash Dubey Jayprakash Dubey Backup the folder: Arel Arel 7 Excellent solution. And, this works for me with iOS 7 too. Works for iOS7 as well! Of the four methods I've tried under iOS7. I was able to use this github project under iOS7.

Testing and Debugging in Simulator

Seems to be a variant of the photo importer mentioned before, but also does videos. For iOS 7 I did the following: Excellent, it really helped me. I tried several methods and till now I was doing drag and drop. But it is more easier way when you need to copy too many images: With iOS 8, you can now drag photos onto the simulator: Donald Burr Donald Burr 1, 2 18 Just drag images to the iPhone simulator.

Mihail Salari Mihail Salari 5 Hi Simon, Thank you! Top response. None of the answers had the exact solution that I needed. The steps I've found for myself working on iOS 5. Close the simulator if it is running xcode project. Run simulator from the dock by clicking on it. Tap and hold the image opened in safari and select the save option.

You are done. Arshad Parwez Arshad Parwez 1, 2 16 This worked for me under iOS 6. The images end out thumbnailed to x resolution, which isn't the original image. In contrast, the image importer preserves the original image resolution. For iOS 5. Deepak Keswani Deepak Keswani 1 3.

Xcode Tips - How to Reset Xcode and the iOS Simulator

This has stopped working on XCode 10 tested on Method 1 Easiest Way: If you have your image on Mac You can drag an image from the Finder on your Mac to Simulator, and it is saved to the Saved Photos album. Method 2: If its on any URL To save an image from a webpage to the Photos app Place the pointer on the image you want to save, and hold down the mouse button or trackpad.

The image is saved to the Saved Photos album in the Photos app. Ammar Mujeeb Ammar Mujeeb 10 I think this is good trick. But don't know why peoples have negatives for this.

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  • The only drawbacks is that it doesn't work with multiple images at once. Robin Summerhill Robin Summerhill This worked for me, but I needed to make a simple change to the app: Because I'm running the 4. To retain photo meta data, do the following: Copy photo files to: Joe Smith Joe Smith 1, 1 12 Does not make a difference in IOS 8. Drag your image to the simulator IOS opens the Photo app and your image is now part of your collection. No need to deal with Safari anymore.

    Thomas Thomas 1, 12 You can now also drag, in one go, multiple photos straight into the Camera Roll album. PaulArdeleanu, you are right. However, it doesn't preserve you original metadata of the assets. Please have a look at my projects that helps you import your assets while preserving all the metadata github. Great Idea! Way easier than remembering the other solutions.

    Access Simulator from Xcode

    Doesn't work out-of-the-box under iOS7 - says something about cocoaPods being out of sync. Well you must run pod install to install the pods as they are not in the repo. Bhagirath Bhagirath 27 1. I wrote a bash script to do this. Check the link[1]! Just to tell you: His solution was: I just needed some random images for testing, so this is how I did it. Justin Schier Justin Schier 3 With the drag and drop feature you will lose all the metadata of the photos. Mati Bot Mati Bot 6 This library helps me a lot. CD to this path: Download photo by run this command: Restart your simulator to see the new files.

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