Best app for identifying mushrooms

They can be presented as a table of questions, or as a branching tree of questions with one questions answer leading you to the next. Here is an example, okay not mushrooms, but it shows the principle.

“Experts Call This Mushroom-Identifying App ‘Potentially Deadly'”

On our mushrooms day courses and walks we teach guests how to use keys. In fact, everyone who attends takes a turn at leading an identification.

Then you use your key , before checking the answer with pictures or descriptions in several other sources too. Does it all agree? Yes, identifying mushrooms can be difficult.

Individuals of the same species will vary with age and the weather, but a key makes the task a lot easier, far better than flicking though the pictures looking for one that looks right. But honestly, there are still a ton of different mushrooms on the app. Other functionalities include a search, a section of helpful articles, and a mushroom calendar so that you can see what mushrooms are currently fruiting.

Top 5 Android Mushroom Identification Apps to Easily Hunt Mushroom

Book of Mushrooms App on Android. That being said, the photos are high quality, and the descriptions are pretty thorough. Again, the app is free, and the interface is friendly, so there is nothing wrong with giving it a try! Fungitron App on Android.

Fungi Identification Guide USA

As far as I can tell, it is pretty much an offline version of all the mushroom species info from Wikipedia. The app is free, and useful if you just want to learn about tons of different mushroom species- overall it might be worth a try.

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  • Experts Call This Mushroom-Identifying App 'Potentially Deadly'.
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Mushrooms App Kirill Sidorov. For most people, the book is a better option. The book is organized with a visual key, which makes it easy to try and narrow down the mushrooms you are actually looking at on the forest floor.

  • 5 Android Mushroom Identification Apps to Easily Hunt Mushroom.
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  • FreshCap Mushrooms.
  • The Best Apps For Mushroom Identification (And Why a Book Is Better) | FreshCap Mushrooms!
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Although this compendium is large and heavy as a brick bring an extra backpack! But Mushrooms Demystified by David Aurora is more than just a guide book.

"Experts Call This Mushroom-Identifying App 'Potentially Deadly'" - Hedgerow Harvest

So what if you have an identification app or book already… but still need a little guidance? Luckily, there are some awesome communities online full of enthusiastic mushroom hunters that would love to help you identify your finds. There are a number of mushroom identification groups on Facebook. Post a picture of your finds, with as many details as possible location, size, time of year, ect… and plent of people will chime in to help you out.

Some of these communities are quite active, and a great way to learn. Two of the most active groups are the Mushroom Identification Page and another with a similar name Mushroom Identification.


Fourteen people became ill, including three who needed liver transplants. Sheriff said giving people tools to better identify these fungi could help them prevent accidental poisonings. But that's only if the app works perfectly, which even Sheriff admits it doesn't. He told me the app is still in a beta stage, and is a labor of love outside of his day job. Unfortunately, the app didn't recognize the 'shrooms as shiitakes.

It couldn't recognize them as anything at all. What happens if the app thinks a mushroom is safe to eat, but it's not? That's the major concern of mushroom experts criticizing the app online.