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Bluetooth File Transfer allows you to copy files between your phone and any other Bluetooth-enabled device. This powerful file manager allows you to explore the contents of your own phone and other devices connected via Bluetooth. Bluetooth File Transfer is not just for copying files between two devices, you can also use it to edit, create, delete, move and rename files, either on your device, or another Bluetooth-enabled device, such as a PC, smartphone, PDA, or a music player.

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Using Bluetooth File Transfer is incredibly easy. The screen is split into two sides: You toggle between the two using the arrow keys. You can explore the contents of drives simply by tapping on folders to open them, and using the Back button to move back up the directory. When a file is selected, hit the 'Menu' button and you'll see exactly what Bluetooth File Transfer can do. Bluetooth File Transfer also allows you to open text, audio, video and image files, using the built-in viewer.

Please help! I want it to seem like the phone called me by accident so I can hear the conversations if they been together.

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If your could do it to your boyfriend, your boss, parents, boyfriend and worst enemies would all be listening to your calls too. If u want some of the disabled functions to work. Free mobile … Supported iDEN phones: All with Bluetooth i, i, i9, i etc. Open … […].

There are some instructions here. I gotta question i have a i and i need to know does this app also work like a normal bluetooth and allows you connect to any bluetooth devices? Well now i found the spa key but wen i click it it still stays in the other language boost incognito. Theres no spa key there.. I have the boost incognito… Any other ways to change to english???

Go to http: Find an app you want and open its page Click the JAD link on the app page, the app should install. I got everything in English: Others phones do but not this particular one.

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Its an lg dare from verizon. Except for the word english. Hehehe I finally got it. Had to cancel out mid changing it or something to get it to stick.

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Works though awesome site by the way. I am using the i I cant get it to stay on English. When I get to the last step it saves it back to whatever.

The Bluetooth is meant to connect to devices! There was another one that liked a lot That guy replaced 'menu' with 'BT' and 'msgs' with 'conversations'. Menu key is very important for me as I have configured my hardware menu key to open 'jbtaskman'. I wonder why anybody not discussed about it yet. We already got our certs and keys from some source already and there really isn't a need for us to search for new ways to get certs. Anyways thanks for the info. I hope that this solves Shane's problems.

Titan, 15 Nov There is an application to download your cert and key within 2 minutes in a folder 'My cert'. Of course anyone who haven't yet got his certificates will be interested in it.

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The reason i haven't shown any interest was because i already had the certificates. Yes please, do tell us about this application. Thanks Titan. Dude Shane,its only for you The app is in chinese language. So its name is unknown to me also. Anyway i gave it a shot and surprised to see the result. You can download your cert and key within 2 minutes. It can be used with free signer. I cannot post the link you know. Anyways,just search in google with the term 'download cert and key in 2minutes '.

From the results,please go to the result of symbian zone website. Complete description is available with screen shots. SidewindeR, 14 Nov Whoa.. I'll try it asap mate.