Android app specific notification sounds

Open the app once it is installed successfully. For the app to work perfectly you will have to allow it access to notifications. Tap on Settings to directly navigate to Notification Settings.

How To Set Different Notification Sounds For Different Apps On Android

Now, select the app for which you wish to change the default notification sound. Tap on Notification to set a ringtone or select Silent if want to silent the notifications for that app. If you selected Notification in the step above then choose the desired Ringtone on the next screen.

In my case, I added different sounds for WhatsApp and Messenger. If at some point of time you wish to restore the app notification sounds to default then tap on that particular app on the home screen of the app and select Yes.

Set Different Notification Sounds For Different Apps On Android

Top Charts. New Releases. Add to Wishlist. Presenting NotifiCon , a notification sound manager app which customizes the sounds that come along with a notification alert. With NotifiCon, you can identify which app's notification has arrived without even picking up your device!

For those who are not hearing notification sounds or overlap with default sound, and high memory usage, please try cleaning your cache, redundant files, and memory with a cleaning app. Sometimes, the app may not work in case of low memory. Main features: Configure the notification sound from a list of available options for each app's notifications on your device 2. Configure a special voice-based notification alert for notification alerts from any app For example, you can configure your Whatsapp app to say "Whatsapp", when you get a Whatsapp notification 3.

Set a schedule- days of week and time interval for the corresponding customized notifications to play, for any app 4. Temporarily block out configured alerts in two clicks - very useful during meetings notifications will still show up on the notification bar of the device So what are you waiting for? Try NotifiCon- the notification sound manager app, right now!

MegaSound Lets You Set Custom Notification Sounds for Each Android App

During first time installation, the app shows a few things before opening main screen. These include permission requests, notification access requests, and write settings requests. Junior Member. Well it's not possible on the P20 Pro. I've looked everywhere how to set different tones for SMSes, Calendar events et emails et it's just impossible. I can't understand why Huawei would block that.

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It's so basic. Same thing with Gmail lables: Mar HTC Leo: I replaced the SMS app with another one that allowes to change the tone truecallers.

Changing the Notification Sound

For the calendar I use the Huawei app for the notifications only. Now for Gmail, I haven't found the way to set a particular tone for a specific label which I could do on my previous phone. And I have a problem with Airbnb that doesn't allow to change the notifications tone; my P20 Pro set it to "default" which is most inconvenient.

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May Same issue here, it seems that Huawei removed the option to choose a specific notification sound in notification management. I can't seem to understand the reasoning behind such a decision Hopefully they will fix that in a future update. Can't change ringtone That's exactly it! It seems unbelievable.