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You can download it free from the Google Play Store. Craving for more analog looks for your battery widget? The Battery Monitor Widget by fsinib gives you more looks to choose from. Monitor how much life your device still has with a gas gauge-style look. The Battery Monitor Widget can give you that, too, in the form of a sci-fi looking gauge.

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What makes this widget extremely useful is that it also tells you how long before your device kicks the bucket. That should give you enough of a heads up to start looking for the power outlet closest to you. Artiom Chilaru answers that question with the Dual Battery Widget. Make it wider, bigger, taller, or even smaller. The Dual Battery Widget will reflect if your phone is charging.

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Remove the tablet from its dock station and the dock battery indicator will fade into the background. Tap on the Dual Battery Widget to reveal a break down of your battery consumption. Get it for your tablet and its dock station today. If your Android device has a dark background or a sci-fi tech theme, complete the look with the Beautiful Battery Disc. The widget is more than just eye candy.

You can also check out information like temperature, voltage, health, status, and type.

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You can also have a battery indicator on your status bar in the same sleek and elegant tech look as the widget. First up is a unique way of telling how much life your device has in it.

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Instead of those gauges, the Zebra Battery Widget gives you a zebra. The more your battery life dwindles, the fewer stripes remain on your zebra. Your battery level will be displayed in percentage under the zebra. Tapping on the zebra widget brings up its settings menu. You can opt to hide the text output and to show the battery notification on the notification bar.

Add to Wishlist. Battery widget - circle battery level indicator indicator perfectly fits pure Android design - resizable on Android 4. Voluntere for translations at http: Install Classic version if you like Holo Theme - Classic has two options how to reward developer for his effort: Reviews Review Policy. App is now fully compatible with Android Pie. Please report any issue you encounter. Upgrade app to paid version is easier now Updated translations.

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The 14 Best Free Widgets for Android

See more. It takes time to determine health stats, so after you install the app, just use your phone like you normally would. AccuBattery runs in the background, calculating current charge and discharge rates, as well as battery wear, capacity, and overall health. When it comes down to it, AccuBattery is my personal favorite battery utility.

Tools like GSam Battery Monitor can provide more advanced usage details, like wakelock and sensor usage, and System Monitor itself can provide access to app cache. It covers battery use at the system-level—things like partial and kernel wakelocks. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere. Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, comics, trivia, reviews, and more.