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The issue with this system, however, is cost. Most schools, movie theatres, restaurants, and other groups who would want to block cell calls simply do not have the resources to purchase expensive blocking systems, and if they did, they would probably have more important things to do with the money.

And you just know somebody's going to come up with a system to make the phones work around the blocking. Rich parents will buy enough of it to make it WalMart affordable, and then we're right back where we started, except we've wasted a LOT of money on a blocking system that has lost its effect. Or the cell phone companies could offer to drop calls if the phone is in a certain location.

Foiling Metal Detectors - Schneier on Security

It's possible in the US thanks to the FCC's stupid location-enhanced mandate Of course, they would start offering to disable blocking on your line The only solution to the problem of cell phones in schools and other undesirable places is to convince people that they don't want or need to use phones there. LOL, you could just install some lead shielding around the entire outside of the school That way, you can let things like calls on a cell phone through one of the main reasons cell phone jammers are illegal is they dont let calls on cell phones through , but any other call could be blocked So to not allow cellphones in school seems pretty reasonable right Aren't many students cell phones a form of protection?

They even have cute little 5 number phones for younger kids in elementry schools nowadays. And no one uses payphones. So what are our kids to do from there? Or you could check out Brijot Imaging Systems, Inc. It will see any concealed object on a human body! I think cell phones are almost necessary for students at a high school level. I am in high school in the U. S and have had a personal experience where I was put in grave danger because I did not have my cell phone. RF contact-less detection 2. Portable operation 3.

Detection range: Suitable for all restrict area of prohibited cell-phone usage 6. Well, there are needs for metal detectors in the schools. However, cell phones should be allowed because you never now if there is something bad going on in the school. You could text people and say you are in trouble and even the cops.

For example, the shooting at the college in Virginia. There are needs for metal detectors because you wouldn't want anyone come into school with knives, guns, or any other weapon not needed. Another thing teachers should check for is drugs. For example, a janitor at a school was arressted for selling drugs to minors.

That is my opinion. Hope you agree. The whole idea of metal detectors in schools is ridiculous! I mean what has this world come to. What's that about?

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Who are we gonna kill with a cell phone?? I live hours away from my new hs and I need my cell phone in case an emergency occurs. Heck, I need it to get home!

How to turn your Android phone into a metal detector

What am I supposted to do, use telepathy to contact my mom and tell her to pick me up from the train station? Something has to be done! Well, I myself am a student at a HS in Chicago, and believe there should be a sort of system to allow cellphones in school, for example, having the office store them for you, and return after school, which if done valuntarily brings no punishments of any kind.

I have snuck my cellphone a few times, but only to call my parents after school, to tell them ill be headed elsewhere for a while, before going home. I think that metal detectors in schools have some uses, yet they have too many drawbacks. Crime rates have come down by a lot and weapons are being confiscated. Yet, metal detector scans are too lengthy and many students end up arriving late at their first hour classes, that is if they show up at all. Metal detectors can't tell a difference between a gun and a metal belt buckle. Besides, despite the tight surveillance of metal detectors, students have found many ways to sneak in weapons into schools.

There have even been games where the goal was to "beat the machine". The USA is rapidly turning into a police state, primarily becasue of the spread of liberalism over the past 40 years. Liberalism is by nature anti individual, a collectivist mentality left over from the days of Stalin.

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Europe is already a series of police states. In most countries you must register with the police when you move, have limited personal freedom, and a total ban on self defence firearms. American would be disturbed by the government powers there, as much as we are disturbed by what is happening here. UnderPaidSlave i work at ups. Apr Location: EDIT danmit. You cant. Jul Location: Find More Posts by Lyndon. Feb Location: Find More Posts by Trustafarian. Nov Location: Los Angeles, Caliii Feedback: Find More Posts by chester Originally Posted by danthepete I'm guessing you're one of those toolbag douches who can't live 5 minutes without your cell phone?

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