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Start your free trial now! Memrise uses some creative and easy way to remember words for learning English. The focus of this app is to help the users expand their vocabulary by learning English words in a effective way. Memrise also offers an offline mode to continue learning without internet connection.

Memrise will start using its spaced repetition system to help you start learning tons of new English vocabulary words easily. Memrise also have courses to learn the English Grammar in an innovative way. Memrise is one of the good English speaking app that will get you talking in no time. This app will help you become an advanced speaker of English - you will learn how to speak English fluently.

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Sentence Master Pro is a fantastic language app aimed at helping young people improve their language abilities. Through focussing on the building of sentences and employing aspects of gamification, the app encourages users to challenge themselves in a game environment to match words together to form a sentence.

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The way the game works is to give the user a number of words and for them to then unscramble and form into a full sentence within a time limit with the added challenge of losing time when an incorrect answer is chosen. One of the most appealing aspects of the app is the fact that it can used by a number of different people with different abilities in the English language. For instance, it works really well as an app for younger children who already have a certain level of proficiency in reading and writing to improve their understanding, but older users can also access the app on a different level especially if they have English as an additional language and are wanting to improve their proficiency too.

It could also be used for more top level students too who again want to continue to enrich their own abilities. With a whole section of the app dedicated to Proverbs and Sayings, it could even be used by an adult wanting to give themselves a bit of a challenge!

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Babbel focuses more on helping English language learners acquire the basic conversational skills. Babbel is a great language app that has a strong focus on vocabulary.

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Babbel also lets users learn to understand a language by completing and repeating phrases. Babbel definitely focuses on the quality of your learning rather than the quantity. Babbel also uses a custom goal system that allows users to set benchmarks as they learn a language and to monitor their progress as well. If your goal is to learn new vocabulary effectively, then Babbel is the app for you! This, Babbel says, is to ensure that students can start having real, meaningful conversations as soon as possible. Many English learners find learning new words to be one of the most difficult things about the language.

Babbel uses the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages to divide lessons by level of difficulty. Rosetta Stone is designed very differently than most language apps that are on the marketplace today.

It has exercises designed to help you learn basic words. Each language has a variety of lessons that Rosetta Stone has been using for years to teach people. It's a good way to go if you're looking for a tried and true method. On top of its learning component, it also has a platform where you can schedule lessons with a live tutor every other lesson. So if you enjoy practicing English by talking to native speakers, this might be a great bonus feature. Speech recognition within the platform has also been praised because it has been designed to specifically recognise pronunciation of non-native speakers.

The enhanced speech recognition really helps offset this. Learn English Grammar is an interactive app that is designed to help improve your grammar. If you really like to improve your English grammar in a detailed way, it is an excellent English learning app that helps cover 12 grammar topics with 20 activities per topic for English learners of all levels.

Qlango is a language learning app that enables you to learn your chosen foreign language from scratch or as a revision tool, making use of a compelling range of activities. It makes use of an impressive variety of European language pairs, in multiple combinations. Qlango boasts a truly comprehensive selection of language pairs and unceremoniously hits the ground running with its language-learning content. Try for free. Learn Languages busuu.

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Busuu is one of the best English language apps available today and highly recommended for learning English at beginner level. Designed by linguists, busuu combines human interaction and AI-powered teaching to help you learn a language faster. Through this community, learners can connect with native speakers and get instant feedback on their speaking and writing exercises.

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Busuu's lessons cover the typical reading, writing, speaking, spelling, and generating language you expect in any language-learning course. Especially for beginners, it helps to know what you will learn today, what you are expected to have learned by now, and what you will learn next. Structure also allows for good scaffolding, meaning you learn by building on what you already know, rather than being exposed to random and unconnected lessons in grammar, vocabulary, and so forth. With Busuu, you can talk with native English speakers to practice your English speaking and can also provide feedback to people learning English languages or get feedback from more advanced English learners.

In , they conducted an independent study with a research team from City University of New York and the University of South Carolina to measure the learning outcomes of our product. The study found that 22 hours of busuu is equivalent to one college semester of language learning. Duolingo - Learn Languages for Free. Many teachers and even entire governments around the world already view Duolingo as the perfect blended learning companion for their classrooms.

Duolingo lessons give each student personalized feedback and practice, preparing them to get the most out of classroom instruction. Over million people around the world use Duolingo to help them learn languages. The fun, game-like lessons keep students motivated and excited about language. Improve English: Try for yourself and start improving today! I like this app, the conversation easy to use and study. App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.

Screenshots iPhone iPad. Description Do you need to practice your English more? Fixed some crash issues. Bug fix: Added Offline Mode Capability. Offline Mode enables you to download all the audio files to your device so it will work without Internet connection. Bug fixes and IAP improvements. Dec 5, Version 1. Information Seller Steve Kim. Size Category Education. Compatibility Requires iOS 8. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Languages English. Price Free.