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Sony Xperia X Performance to Offer HDR Display?

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If there's one comment, it would be that Sony's Premium handset isn't as premium as some others. The edges form a lip around the display and the back that feels a little too rough. It catches debris so we're forever cleaning it. It's a very minor point, but faced with accomplished rivals, it's the small things that matter.

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The edges of the phone now are slightly flattened for a squarer profile and that probably accentuates the problem highlighted above. The Xperia Z5 Premium measures There are a number of finishes for the Z5 Premium and a surprising level of aesthetic difference between them. The chrome is easily the best looking, as the "normal" black model looks a little too much like a cheap plastic phone.

The black we have on review has a glossy rear and glossy edges and lacks the wow factor of the chrome model. It also lacks the lovely anodisation and deep rear frosting of the regular Xperia Z5 and Compact models, which is slightly awkward. There's a covered tray for the SIM and microSD card, supporting up to GB, a tray slot that's smaller than previous handsets, which again is a result of evolutionary design.

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Overall, there isn't a sweeping change in design and it's easy to point at the Z5 Premium and see it as slightly conservative. It's offers some new technology, but unless you opt for the chrome version, you're getting a phone that's perhaps less interesting than the regular models. That said, if you've been waiting for a larger Xperia flagship, then you're covered. There's also a fingerprint scanner, another reason for the flatter side design. It replaces the round power button that has adorned Xperia Z devices since their inception. The fingerprint scanner is FIDO compliant, so it's ready for payment services, as and when Android Pay expands its roll-out.

The Xperia Z5 Premium fingerprint scanner falls naturally under the thumb when you grip the phone. We'd now list a fingerprint scanner as one of the Android essentials in new handsets so it's great to find it here, but it's not as fast or smooth as the best out there.

We found the Z5 Premium fingerprint scanner failed to unlock the handset on occasion, especially if your fingers are even very slightly damp, and it isn't as fast and smooth as scanners we've seen on the likes of the HTC One A9 or the Nexus 6P. Still, it's a must have feature both for security and convenience, so its very welcome here.

Sony Xperia Z5 Premium review: First class all the way?

The Sony Xperia Z5 Premium has a 5. That resolution gives the Xperia Z5 Premium a pixel density of ppi, higher than anything we've seen before on a smartphone.

What does this mean in reality? It means that the Z5 Premium has the ability to deliver fine detail more accurately than lesser devices, if the detail is there. There are a number of considerations. Firstly, Sony has come forward and confirmed that the only time you're looking at native 4K content is in its Album or Video player. It uses upscaling on other video sources to improve the quality and the rest of the time, it's acting as a full HD display.

That means that browser content, Gmail and all the rest of your apps look as they do elsewhere on other 5. Essentially, there is almost no 4K content to take advantage of this display, apart from that which you might capture or side-load yourself. We also put it alongside the Nexus 6P 5. There's a lot going on here: Although we think the punch of more vibrant displays can make apps look better a trait of AMOLED displays favoured by Samsung , we really liked the video offering from Sony. Firing up Gravity on Google Play, the Xperia Z5 Premium rewarded us with deeper blacks and brighter whites than the Nexus 6P, making it a much superior experience.

One other source of content is YouTube, with support for a higher resolutions with its setting.

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Sony has made a point of saying that there is no Quad HD content, but that's what YouTube is offering through its app. So, unlike the Samsung Galaxy S6 or Nexus 6P both Quad HD displays , Sony is taking this p content and upscaling it reportedly for a result that doesn't look much different to its rivals. X-Reality plays its part, restoring contrast and bite that other displays might lack, but where the app isn't letting you access all the detail, the phone is working to restore it again. When it comes to photos, we threw some stunning high-res DSLR photos at a range of devices.

When there's the resolution and the detail in the original file, you'll be able to see that on the Xperia.


Good photos look great across all displays, but we could see the finer details rendered more sharply on the Xperia Z5 Premium, so the 4K message isn't all hot air. Of course, for photos you take on a smartphone much of the fine detail is mush, so unless you have a penchant for looking at high resolution, high quality photos, the display's capabilities might be lost on you.

Consider too that if you're viewing those pictures in Facebook or Instagram, you're looking at p content as you would be anywhere else. The question of course, is whether all this is worth it. Yes, the handling of movies looks good and that detail in those photos is impressive too, but we question whether anyone will actually need to scrutinise photos so closely on a display of this size. Technically, yes, you can see the difference on this display from similar sized rivals at lesser resolutions.

There is something of a conflict as we've mentioned, because when you skip out of this type of content, the advantage is lost.