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But Phones4u claims it will press the phone into your hot, sweaty hands on 27 April.

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It appears T-Mobile customers won't get their hands on the S 2 until June, according to the pink-hued network's 'coming soon' page. That's odd considering Orange and T-Mobile are now the same company, united under the Everything Everywhere banner. Maybe Orange doesn't want to share its sweets? We've contacted T-Mobile for a comment and we'll update you when we hear back. It's starting to look, however, like retailers are using release dates as a marketing ploy to get the likes of us writing about them, advertising those dates even when they aren't set in stone, and then pushing them back without turning a hair.

Since its unveiling earlier this year, the S 2 has been pushed back to an April and finally 1 May release -- but at least the delay saw the phone fired up with an improved processor. The S 2 will now come with a 1. The S 2 is the successor to the Galaxy S , itself currently awaiting an update to Android 2.

The S 2 packs a giant, 4.


Will you be bagging yourself an S 2 in coming weeks, or have you got your eye on a rival smart-phone powerhouse? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Facebook wall. New Galaxy S10 phones bring it: There's S Health too, which is a "wellness companion". Now we're onto accessories. Flip covers and docking station for office and cars. There's wireless charging kit, extra battery kits, HMDI adaptor and smart dock. There's also an S-Pebble MP3 player companion. Samsung taking a leaf out of Apple's book here, but showing us the first Galaxy S3 commercial.

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It's a tear-jerker. Bluetooth 4. Wireless charger uses resonance technology. Samsung first to develop it for mobile phones.

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In call voices will be louder and clearer. The bezel has been narrowed so the screen is 22 per cent larger, unit itself is "not that much bigger" No specifics there though. Face Zoom allows you zoom in faces does what you think. Face Slideshow does the same within the gallery. You can also take HD video with the front-facing camera. Backside illumination sensor for low-light photography. Now onto the camera. Samsung has "raised the bar" again.

There's zero shutter lag, which gets back to camera mode in one second, you can take 20 images in burst shot mode, 3. Pop-up Play allows you to position videos wherever you like on the screen, continue watching while still browsing the web, she says. Loesje De Vreise is back on stage, talking about the nature-inspired hardware design, user interface and alterts.

Vince McMahon will appreciate that. T3dotcom on Twitter: But will it tell us a story or where to hide a body? We'll be testing when we get our hand on one". AllShare Play lets us work together through the magic of the internet. Allows you to stream media from your home computer. GroupCast will let you share what you're viewing on other S3 devices.

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  • Buddy Photo Share lets you share photos instantly with those sitting within the images. Galaxy S3 will recognise friends faces and offer to send them the photo right away by MMS and email. On stage demonstration words a treat. A very neat innovation, indeed. You can bond instantly with other Galaxy users. Easy file transfer. There's an AirPlay alternative right there. Social tag recognises the faces of your friends in your photographs and will allow you to gravitate to their social profiles.

    Another example of this being "designed for humans. It has us covered and knows what we want. Only phone that knows how we share and interact with our friends. Smart Alert acts like a personal assistant. You won't miss calls anymore. When you pick up the phone, it will buzz to notify you of missed calls and new texts. Direct call is another new feature. It uses motion recognition and a proximity sensor to realise you want to make a call to the person you're texting with.

    You can also launch apps with S voice. Tell he device "I want to take a picture" and it will automatically launch the camera. This gets a round of applause. The Siri-clone is called S voice. A friend who listens to you. Gives you the weather and organises your schedule.

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    It rests waiting for you to strike up a conversation. To get it to wake up you can say "Hi Galaxy" and it'll then wait for your next move.

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    • SmartStay keeps your screen alive when you're looking at the screen. Keeps the screen awake for us when we are awake and sleeps only when we sleep.

      Samsung Galaxy S II Trickles Out Across Europe

      It knows exactly what we're doing. We're about to see "what makes this phone really great. You can check out the complete Samsung Galaxy S3 spec list on T3. Hope someone's making trousers with bigger pockets. Shin whips a white S3 out of his pocket. Launch at the end of May. Phone listens to you and understands what you want. Screen recognises your eye movement, it recognises your voice and will act upon your intention to turn a song up or down. It's a human phone that understands you. Video viewing will come on a 4. That's a whopper. It's got an 8-megapixel camera with "Best shot" "Best Photo" and move.

      The next big thing. The next Samsung Galaxy. It's not just what smarthphones do, it's how they do it. Needs to be more sophisticated". Suzi's sassy suit, certainly beats Steve Jobs' turtlenecks. It sees what you see, listens to what you say, knows what you love. It is designed for humans," says the video presentation. We're starting things up with a neat video presentation, focusing on what users want to see. One said "larger screen and extended battery life.

      Another said better voice recognition. The show is about to begin. The crowd is seated at Earl's Court in London and we're about ready to get going here. Be sure to stay tuned to T3.