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Thanks to Google developers, they made their app available both on Android and iOS devices. The free version lets you only stream music. Deezer is one more great app that can help you get offline music onto your iPhone. Please note that if you remove the app or stop paying, all the offline songs will become unavailable. To download music with Deezer:. Download free Deezer app. Like all the apps and services above, Amazon Prime Music lets you download track for offline playback. If you want to keep a song on your phone, you should:.

Get free Amazon Prime Music app. The last but not the least is Groove, a music app by Microsoft.

As well as Google Play Music, it offers its service for multiple platforms. Moreover, Groove service lets you download the tracks and albums you like to your iPhone. If you want to try Groove, you can get a day trial and decide whether you feel comfortable with it. The songs will be saved to your phone.

To play them offline, simply enable the Offline mode by moving the Available Offline slider to On.

Part 2: Download and manage iPhone music without iTunes

I remember when I first downloaded this I was instantly hooked, I would use it almost everyday to have it play alongside me wiliest I played games, but now that is no longer the case. This was very annoying and inconvenient, it would also sometimes corrupt the playlist and it would stop playing music.

Top 8 Apps to Download Songs on iPhone/iPod for Free

I would then have to log off of my game and turn it back on. I would turn some sleep music on, leave, and then it would stop! I would press play on the control panel and it would instantly pause! I would not recommend this app to anyone anymore due to the current flaws. Hi there, we are sincerely sorry for any inconvenience this has caused for you.

Due to YouTube's current terms of service background music play is no longer available. If YouTube changes the terms we will add this feature back. Again, we apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for your understanding! If there is anything else we can further improve on the app please let us know!

Thank you. Initially when I to the app, it was cool - it had all my songs, it played even when I closed my screen and it played without WiFi. After a long while, it stopped playing with the closed screen, I had to start leaving the app open in order for it to play. Then, it started playing ads during the songs - an ad would just instantly start to play while the song was simultaneously playing. That was very irritating; but eventually it stopped doing that While the song played, it would just stop playing or the sound would drop out.

THAT is very annoying and it continues to do that. Not every song, but enough to irritate you. Time to move on!!! Thank you for your feedback!

Top 8 Apps to Download Songs on iPhone/iPod for Free-

Could you leave message to our Fanspage "https: So that we can better understand your situation and assist you to solve the problem. If you like our app, please leave us your much appreciated comments! Step 3: Select the files you would like to download to your iPhone. Spotify is the most used music downloader in the United States, and it offers a great music service and user-friendly interface.

Part 1: 8 Apps to Download Free Songs on iPhone/iPad/iPod

When you download Spotify for iPhone, you will notice that it groups all your music collections according to genres such as classical, rock, country, etc. If you are in search of a particular track, the search unit is always dependable, and you can stream such music online or save it for offline playback. You can use it to download new and hot music tracks. But there is a free version that only allows you to stream music online.

The features of Tidal is close to that of Spotify but with some striking differences. You can save songs downloaded from Tidal on your iPhone without any hitch, and listen to such songs offline without internet connection.

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