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Interviews will take place from 8 a.

Phone Interviews For Emergency Food Stamps Start This Weekend

Individuals who provided cell phone numbers with their preregistration may also receive direct communication from DCF. Individuals who meet the above criteria with last names beginning with A-L should call the toll-free number on Dec. Individuals with last names beginning with M-Z should call the number on Dec. Callers should have their Florida driver license or identification and social security number ready. Those with last names beginning from L to Z should call the same number on Sunday.

Phone lines will be open from 8 a. Once approved, recipients will receive their cards by mail.

DCF investigator admits falsifying records

Read more: Suit Says No. March 24, Saul Spigel, Chief Analyst. You asked for information about Florida ' s single point-of-entry system for social service programs serving families and children.


In , Florida ' s Department of Children and Families DCF began developing and implementing a single point-of-entry system for its three economic self-sufficiency programs—Medicaid, cash assistance, and supplemental nutrition assistance SNAP, formerly food stamps. In , the Florida legislature mandated DCF to redesign its economic self-sufficiency program.

Simplifying Eligibility Requirements and Application Procedures. DCF received federal waivers to simplify policies and procedures. These included waiving the requirements that clients have face-to-face interviews with caseworkers and produce original documents to verify expenses. These waivers facilitated the use of web-based applications, telephone interviews, and document submission by fax.

DCF also rewrote its policy manuals to incorporate these streamlined procedures and eliminate redundancies.


Before ACCESS, clients had to go to a DCF office to fill out a paper application and return to the office for a personal interview with a caseworker and submit documents to prove eligibility. Clients needing to submit further documents had to return for a third visit. Clients can access the site from any computer. A voluntary screening tool on the website permits clients to determine the likelihood of their receiving benefits before they apply for specific ones.

Some clients, however, must use only paper applications Medicaid for pregnant women and presumptively eligible newborns, KidCare medical insurance, and SNAP for people receiving Supplemental Security Income. All applicants must be interviewed by a DCF worker. Most, though, participate in a to minute phone interview that covers basic eligibility questions. These involve applicants whose reported expenses exceed income, cases where a parent has moved out in the last year, and cases that have violated program rules in the past.

DCF relaxed verification rules by accepting statements about income and household characteristics without supporting documents. And clients can mail or fax documents, they do not have to deliver them to DCF centers. Documents are scanned into electronic files. After changing the application process, DCF discontinued its full-service centers customer centers. Today, it operates about 80 storefronts that house computers that clients can use to complete online applications, telephones to call the department, fax and copy machines, and secure drop boxes for eligibility documents.

Storefront staff can help clients complete the application, but they do not determine eligibility. Table 1: Application Activity.

Gadsden County - Unspoiled. Unexpected.

Full 1-hour personal interview for all. DCF recast its workers ' job functions to streamline application processing and case maintenance. Under the old model, a single caseworker conducted the eligibility interview, processed the application, answered client questions, and determined and redetermined eligibility. Now staff perform five discrete functions: Table 2 describes their functions.

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Table 2: Redesigned Staff Function.