Tumblr integration in iphone sdk

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Additional questions can be answered on our discussion group. Please use the Tumblr API responsibly and let us know what you think. If you have any feature requests, please let us know by creating an issue or submitting a pull request. You can simply create a podfile that looks as follows:.

Tumblr iOS SDK

It currently provides only the activity icon and title, but you can hook it up however you see fit and we may provide a more integrated solution in the future. Appledoc for the SDK can be found here. The authentication methods detailed below will provide the API client with a token and token secret. The SDK does not currently persist these values; you are responsible for storing them and setting them on the API client on subsequent app launches, before making any API requests. This may change in a future release.

February 11, Every team member receives a Google Chromecast streaming player. Every team member also receives a Google Chromecast streaming player.

January 20, We added a simple file manager to tumblr. You can also insert and automatically update the asset URLs in the source code for your theme. November 11, September 28, Our very own John Bunting is going to be there building away with all of you out in Sunnyvale!

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Be sure to come say hi! September 11, This release is a major bump from our 0. An important update is the deprecation of the: And if you have any issues, let me know here or codingjester on Twitter or report issues directly here.

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July 25, You asked, we delivered: July 11, May 24, Tumblr users can now interact with posts straight from the blog index and permalink pages on your theme! This is super exciting news! Previously blog visitors could only like or reblog posts through the controls in the corner of post permalinks.

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