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Once finished, you'll have the option to either "Share" it or "Save to photo album. To view the video in your Photos app, just open it up and go to either the "Camera Roll" or "Videos" album. You'll find the YouTube video there, where you edit or share it like any other video in your library.

If you're like me, you'll be blown away the first time you run this shortcut.

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It seems like it runs on magic — downloading a YouTube video in seconds? On an iPhone?

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How could it be? Once it does, it'll download the file, where it then prompts you to save or share the video. You might not have known it, but all the info you needed to download a YouTube video was right there in the URL itself. It just takes some code dissecting to find it. There's not much you can customize with this shortcut besides what album you want the video to end up in. It will always show up in your "Camera Roll" and "Videos" albums, but you can also create a new "YouTube" album in your Photos app, then have this shortcut throw them all in there for more organization.

From there, scroll down past the big first piece of the workflow — where it looks at the URL of the page you're on, figures out if it's a YouTube video, locates the video file, and prepares it for sharing or saving — then, tap on "Camera Roll" or "All Photos" in the "Save to Photo Album" action down at the bottom. A menu will open where you can choose an album to put the videos in. If you made a "YouTube" album in Photos, select that.

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If it's another album you want, well, select that. Afterward, tap "Done" in the top right of the workflow to save it. Hey, CJ. Sorry to hear that.

How to Download YouTube Videos to MP3 on iPhone and iPad

What app were you using to download the video Safari, YouTube? Hi, Stephen. Sorry it wasn't working for you! Could you tell me what app were you using to download the video Safari, YouTube? For me it's both YouTube and safari but I was able to download other videos except music videos For some reason.

Is this Just clickbait? The app Just returns a blank image. I tried loading the whole YouTube clip before sharing and downloading the file but it never works and just returns a blank image in my photos app. Hey, Ale! Not clickbait, I promise — we just tested it ourselves to make sure the shortcut was still working!

I'd love to help you figure this out — what app were you using to download the video Safari, YouTube? There are some Youtube clips that cannot be downloaded onto your iPad or iPhone.

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You can check it first that if there is no "download" button on the right of the "share button" when you open the clip on Youtube app , it means that you cannot download right into your iPad or iPhone as well. Works nicely, do you have other shortcuts that works on Twitter, Facebook,Vimeo, it will even be great to have one that can download any video from any site.

Thanks, it did work on few but mostly it did not, returns blank image. I'm only trying to download from YouTube. Does it work on facebook too. Sample link: Hey, Thiagu. We're getting the same result from that video. However, this method seems to work for other videos from that creator. We're looking into why this works for some videos but not others. One last thing is I was going through your shortcut I don't see where you specify with the file type is that it saves as well as you're saving it as a video stream which doesn't make sense.

If you dig into the shortcut's inner workings you'll notice a list of numbers 22, 18, 34, Those correspond to the youtube itag ids for mp4 videos which the iPhone supports in order from highest to lowest quality.

YouTube To Mp3 iPhone/iPad iOS 10/9 Download App

The shortcut asks youtube for info about the video, then uses those ids to prioritize which URL to try to download. It appears that some videos require some additional kind of authentication before it'll let you download them using the URLs returned in that API call, while others don't, which is why some of you are having issues with some videos, but not others. It didn't work for me either - youtu.

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So are we just going to get the blank image for some videos? Just have to find s different version in order to be able to save it? Thus can be done by. Thus, in conclusion, I would like to add that instead of using the app it is way better to directly download music on your device and listen to it.

Thus in order to get music conversions. Keep Reading www. Your email address will not be published. Thus download will enable us to get the best ever usage off of our device and help us to download music. Now head over to the webpage option of the app and then search for the YouTube video you want to convert. You should now click on the convert button and let the magic happen and thus in this way you can get yourselves the YouTube to mp3 conversions.